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    Escuela Latino Americana de Verano de Investigación Operativa - Escuela Politécnica Nacional

The ELAVIOs are schools supported by ALIO (the Latin-Iberoamerican Association of Operations Research) and mainly addressed to young researchers and postgraduate students (both at the PhD and master level) from Latin-Iberoamerican countries. However, advanced undergraduate students from all over the world with excellent skills and special interest in the areas of Operations Research, Informatics, and Applied Mathematics are also welcome to apply.

The ELAVIO 2015 will be hosted at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN) in Quito, the capital city of Ecuador, from February 23th to 27th, 2015. The two million inhabitants city has a rich cultural and touristic offer that will significantly enhance the ELAVIO 2015 experience for all participants. Besides of one of the largest colonial old towns in Latin-America, there are various museums to visit, and a cable car which can bring tourists above the 4,000 meters barrier. Additionally, several touristic destinations in the Ecuadorian Andes can be reached within one-day trips.

ELAVIO 2015 will include mini-courses, invited talks, as well as discussion panels where participants can share their research advances, open problems, and related issues. Selected contributed papers from participants will be presented in special tracks.
Research topics of the school include, but are not limited to:

  1. Combinatorial optimization and polyhedral theory.
  2. Nonlinear optimization.
  3. Modeling with linear and nonlinear integer programs.
  4. Applications to problem solving in the areas of sustainability, environmental care, logistics, fishery, agricultures, engineering and production, among others.

The official languages of the school are: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Talks and lectures will be either in english or in spanish (in the latter case with english slides).

Grants for up to 60 selected participants will be offered, each grant covering food and hotel expenses. Details about the application process can be found in the Registration section of this website.

EURO is offering up to two travel-sponsorships for applicants from countries affiliated to that Association. More details can be found on their website.

IFORS is offering one scholarship to cover travel expenses. The text of the call for applications can be downloaded here.

Please keep in mind that applications to the EURO and IFORS scholarships are INDEPENDENT from applications to ELAVIO and have their own SCHEDULES.

Centro de Modelización MatemáticaCentro de Modelización Matemática

Sociesda Ecuatoriana de MatemáticaSociedad Ecuatoriana de Matemática

Escuela Politécnica NacionalEscuela Politécnica Nacional

Yachay Ciudad del conocimientoYachay Ciudad del Conocimiento

Asociación Latino-Iberoamericana de Investigación Operativa Asociación Latino-Iberoamericana de Investigación Operativa

Map of the Escuela Politécnica Nacional


Escuela Latino Americana de Verano de Investigación Operativa - Escuela Politécnica Nacional

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